Interactive Cat Feather Toys, Classic Style Replaceable Cat Teaser Wand, Replace Head, Bite Resistant Solid Wood Cat Stick for Cat Kitten

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Product Description 
Size Packing Size Weight
Package 24cm* 30cm* 2cm 50g
Accessories 10cm* 20cm* 0.5cm 10g 

Long Elastic Fishing Rod Design 
75cm long elastic fishing rod, full of fun, equipped with eco-friendly replaceable toy head

Beautiful Natural Feather
The beautiful natural feather is not only a cat's toy, but also a delightful artwork; With crisp bells between feathers, cats play more crazily.

Smooth Touching and Detail Design of Classic Style Accessories Handle 
The classic style accessories are engraved on the solid wood handle, and the surface color is even and smooth to make this small cat teaser stick more beautiful. 

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