Frisbee Pet Dog Treat Ball, Food Dispensing Puzzle Slow Feeder Ball, IQ Interactive Dog Toys Ball for Dogs Puppies

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color: Blue
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Product Description
Product Dimensions 16.4cm* 11.2cm
Product Weight 148g

Attracting Attention 
The toy has a leaky hole for the pet to eat while playing and keep the pet's attention.

With this interactive ball, you can always attract dogs and have fun. Perfect for stimulating and training your dog's brain to interact with you; The toy can also be used outdoors as a frisbee, a toy used in many ways.

Made of hard plastic and natural rubber, the toy resists the bite of large dogs and can be used by pets of all sizes.

To limit the amount of food our pets can eat while playing, feed slowly and healthily: eating slowly will reduce bloating and aid digestion.

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