2 PCS Cat Tunnels for Indoor Cats Play Mat Cat Toy Activity Rug Toy Exercise Felt Material Random Combinations and Infinite Extension

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Product Description
Product Dimensions 100cm* 50cm* 0.8cm
Product Weight 732g 


Red Dot Design Award 2019 
The carpet can be used as a nest pad when it is leveled. Or, a tunnel can be formed by arching up the top-layer felt to from a funny passage for your cat. Selection of Superior Wool Felt Material

Selection of Superior Wool Felt Material
The soft and thick felt with good wear resistance can be cleaned simply. With the features of firmness and non-deformation, it is a good playmate of your cat.


Free joint creates new entertainment space
Every felt piece is an independent unit, which is exquisitely cut and equipped with firm hook and loop. The design allows random combinations and infinite extension.

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