Portable Pet Pooper Scoopers, Bag Dispenser, High Strength Material and Durable Spring, Foldable Poop Scoop Pet Waste Pickup Tool


color: blue
販売価格$16.79 通常価格$23.99


Product Dimensions 29cm * 10cm
Weight  0.3kg



  • 1. two in one design: It makes cleaning fast and sanitary. It's easy to pick up the garbage with a one-handed shovel. At the same time, it's designed with a garbage bag storage place to make your travel convenient.
  • 2. convenient and effective: Remove shit and rubbish from any surface without hands. Just cover the claws with plastic bags to avoid the feeling of picking up any animal waste. Shit goes straight into the garbage bag! When cleaning your dog, keep your hands clean.
  • 3. easy to carry and operate: It's light, easy to carry, and won't occupy a lot of space. Children can also use it easily.
  • 4. closed notch: Zigzag closed notch, no missing or peculiar smell when clamping excrement, clean is good
  • 5. High-cost performance ratio: The product is made of ABS anti-smashing material. There are three colours to choose from. It is packed in a colour box, and a roll of toilet bag is attached.
1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-3 cm and a difference of 3-5 grams between different colours.
2. Due to screen differences, the colours may differ slightly from your expectations, please allow.

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