Interactive Spinning Track Toy with Exercise Balls for Indoor Cats Kittens, Cat Oral Care Toothbrush Toy for All Cats and Kitten, Strong Suction Cup

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Product Description
Product Dimensions 53.6cm* 11.2cm
Product Weight 371g
  • Easy Assembly: No tools required, simply attach the suction cups and place them towards the window, walls, bathroom walls and floors. Perfect cat toys for indoor cats.
  • Fun Interactive Toys For Cats: Great exercise for indoor cats and kittens, attract your cat's attention through colour and smell. you can also take the balls out and they can be played with alone. Hours of fun for your kitty, Perfect for the kittens that stay home alone during the day.
  • Strong Suction: 2 strong suction cups, which ensures that it sticks well to the window, wall, floors.
  • Easy to Clean: Simply take off from the wall and take the balls out, wash them with warm soapy water.
  • Brush Teeth By Self: Favorite toothpaste or food can be added to the soft granules, cats will bite them to clean their teeth deeply by themselves, no harm to cats' teeth.
1. Due to manual measurement, please allow a difference of 1-3 cm and a difference of 3-5 grams between different colours.
2. Due to screen differences, the colours may differ slightly from your expectations, please allow.

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